promap is software to create projection maps. The maps that it produces can be used with video art tools such as radiance to project onto physical objects. The algorithm projects structured light using a projector. It captures the result using a single camera and computes the physical scene as viewed from the projector. It also attempts to compute a disparity map, which corresponds to depth. You can install promap using pip or read more about it on Github.



ffedit is a command-line tool for video editing. ffmpeg can cut and splice together video clips, but the syntax for doing so quickly gets out of control for large numbers of clips. ffedit takes in a YAML file that describes which parts of which clips to combine, any filters that should be applied to them, and invokes ffmpeg to produce the desired output. You can look at usage and download it from Github.


Mesh stringer

mesh-stringer is a tool for helping build physical models of STL files. It turns an STL file into a list of tube lengths and a stringing order. You can then build the model by cutting the requested lenghts of tube, and running a single string through them in the requested order. You can download the software on Github.


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