keygen is the successor to the work I did in 2013 on 3D printing keys. The code is a complete rewrite, and now supports many different types of keys. There is also a fairly easy-to-follow process for modelling keys that do not yet exist in the keygen database. The tool itself is still in OpenSCAD (with a python wrapper), but you can find a web interface at

The keygen logo


2016 East Side Party

The 2016 East Side Party was lit using lux and VJ'd with Radiance. Sadun, Banti, and Farita put up the display and ran the lights during the party, with technical support from me and zbanks.

The display consisted of 480 feet of LED strip containing 4500 individually controlled lights and consuming around 900 watts of power.



lens stands for "live editing of network streams." It is a framework that allows you to tap live cabling for inspection and injection. With lens, you can loop surveillance cameras, flip the internet upside down, and recreate this comic. You can watch us do all of those things in our Defcon talk.


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