Canyoning and Diving in Australia

Sabrina had just finished wintering over at the south pole, and had a plane ticket to anywhere in the world. She decided to plan a four-part trip that involved hiking in New Zealand, canyoning in Australia, diving the Great Barrier Reef, and climbing in Thailand. I joined for the middle two segments, and got to do some fun canyoning and diving.


Canyoning in Ouray

In the month between leaving work and starting grad school, Larissa did a bunch of outdoor adventuring. I joined her for a week of canyoning in Colorado, along with Maya and Josh.


Summerfest 2018

Banks, Maggie and I went to Summerfest at Skydive Chicago, where we made a bunch of jumps and generally had a great time. Notably, we put together two MIT record jumps from the assortment of alums who happened to be attending.


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