Hard canyons in Zion

Zach, dlaw, Ionna and I went to Zion in the summer 2018. After doing a lot of beginner "intro to canyoning" trips, it was nice to power through some of the harder canyons in that area. We even ran into Itaru near the end of our trip, and he joined us for our last canyon.


SCUBA in Cancun

In April of 2018, some friends and I went to do some SCUBA diving in Cancun and Cozumel. We had five days of great diving, including seeing the MUSA underwater museum and doing some cavern diving in the cenotes.



keygen is the successor to the work I did in 2013 on 3D printing keys. The code is a complete rewrite, and now supports many different types of keys. There is also a fairly easy-to-follow process for modelling keys that do not yet exist in the keygen database. The tool itself is still in OpenSCAD (with a python wrapper), but you can find a web interface at keygen.co.

The keygen logo


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