In college, I decided to build a second floor in my dorm room. This effectively doubled the amount of cruft I could hoard, plus kept my first floor free of clutter (mostly.)

I would occasionally take it down to avoid detection by the house manager. These photos document that process.

I lived in this room for four years. I built it at the beginning of my second year, and aside from a few ups and downs, it remained there until I graduated.

Eventually, the house manager did find it during a routine inspection my senior year. I knew that the inspection was happening, but I hadn't bothered to take it down because I wanted to see what would happen.

The house manager wasn't too thrilled with my loft. He told me that of all the crazy dorm room mods he's seen, this one takes the cake. He made me read aloud the loft building rules because this violated every one of them. He said he would have an electrician in the next day to unwire it and take it down. That never happened and it stayed up the rest of the year. It eventually got torn down when I graduated and somebody else moved in.

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